Are you doing the same exercises over and over but you’re not really sure why or even what muscles they are supposed to be working?

Do you wonder if there is a better way to exercise than following a plan created for the masses?

Are you worried that all the effort you are putting in isn’t really paying off?

If you want a program designed specifically for you, your capacity, abilities, tolerance and experience level than look no further.

I will create a 12 week plan specifically for you, your goals, your ability and your body. It starts with an assessment of how your body moves, a discussion of your goals, likes and dislikes and available time and equipment. I will support you with how to do each exercise, how much of each exercise to do, how to monitor your progress and how it will lead you to your goals. You can also send me videos of your technique for feedback.

Begin your fitness journey by filling out this form (link to application form)