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Hello I'm Tania,

Founder of Bio Babe Health and Fitness, Consistency Coach, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Women’s Coaching Specialist and self appointed Super Nerd.

I’m an enthusiast in helping other high achieving women become their best self, foster self belief and worth, and recognise their abilities and dreams through individualised nutrition, health and lifestyle services.

I fell in love with lifting weights and getting stronger, and bought and read every book on health and nutrition I could find. I already had a pretty solid background, coming from an athletic environment, health and fitness were already a part of my lifestyle.

I shifted my mindset and realised that without being the best me possible I simply could not provide the best me to my family, my self, my community or my career.  It’s just not possible.

My goal is to help as many women as I possibly can to become the best they they are capable of.  While there are no quick fixes there are structured, strategic, science backed and individualised approaches that can be applied to each unique individual so that you can achieve your dreams and never look back. Lifestyle transformations, habit building, goal setting and optimal nutrition and movement are the foundation to realising your potential.

I’ve always been active and into recreational sports and played everything from track and field to volleyball and basketball, but once I became a mother all of that went by the wayside. Partly due to the huge change that parenting necessitates, partly due to the flawed mindset that my job as a mother and wife was to look after others (at the expense of myself) and partly due to the exhaustion I felt, both physically and mentally.  Moving to Australia from Canada, where I was born and raised and also where I met my Aussie partner, provided me with little support in raising our child with my family so far away. I was fatigued and exhausted in every sense of the word. It got to a point where I decided to take control of my life back and discovered weightlifting. I also came to the realisation that proper nutrition is essential to overall health. With both fitness and nutrition in my corner my life dramatically changed.

I became a certified Nutritionist, earning the title of Sports Nutritionist and Health and Wellness Coach. In addition, I have completed a certificate as a Women’s Coaching Specialist from The Girls Gone Strong Academy, the Precision Nutrition Certificate L1 and an Applied Women’s Physiology Certificate from AWPT. I’m also a personal trainer who focuses on training women and the nuances that entails as most mainstream information is still male-centric. I changed my career path to pursue my passion for health and wellbeing and I am constantly working on bettering myself so that I can provide more to those I work with. This includes continuously upgrading my academics and keeping up to date with the latest scientific health related research. I enjoy seeing new studies on health and fitness, especially since more and more are focussing on women, who have proportionately been excluded from scientific research, and incorporating my learnings into my practice. It doesn’t hurt that studying what you’re passionate about makes it so rewarding and that learning is a past-time (thus the Super Nerd title).

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